Month – February 2011

Cuztomizing My Doormats!

I want to have custom-made doormats. This is really cool. I love to design for my own. Customizing really good than just buying pre-made in store. Actually customizing and personalizing the design is perfect! I have been looking this for quite long time ago. I inquire in some store around but they don’t have that [...]

Promises Are Made To Be Broken!

I remember so well, before I came here in Norway my boss told me not buy robes. She will buy and give custom robes for me. So sad everything she said never come true. I did not know what had happened. I was busy that time , I was not able to ask but no [...]

The Loving Couples!

I am always fascinated with boots and shoes. My obsession in buying new stuff every now and then is a bit dangerous. I need to save by some reasons. I do not know yet what tomorrow brings for me. Everyday I just hope for a good health and peace of mind. But for tonight me [...]