Month – April 2011

Significant And Lovely!

Two months ago I got a personalized bracelet. Got this for free and it is nice and I am wearing it every day. Looks so simple with my initials on it. I love personalized as it is more significant and lovely. As my birthday is coming over , I want to buy one more personalized [...]

Goodnight World!

Done with online stuff! I need to sleep and have a break. Will find something to eat. Thanks everyone and have wonderful night! Just a short quotation for the night: As u go to bed tonite,i beg the moon to give u light,telling my angels to hug u tight & make sure u will be [...]

Eliminate Dark Circles!

Problems with dark circles? Well, this is common problem not only for women but also for men. Having dark circles has lot of reasons! This is one of my problem actually. I did tried many products for this problem but still the same. I want to get rid of this stuff. So planning to really [...]