Month – May 2011

Affordable Insurance Online!

Insurance is all about caring for your own future. Insurance is the best help in time of needs and emergencies. If you have insurance ready , anytime anywhere you don’t need to worry, your insurance is the answer. Accident is just around the corner. Avoid problems when it comes to financial support for emergencies matter [...]

Snap Shot!

If you can noticed, I just took picture of the boots. Showing that this kind of raining boots is very good and fitted well when it is raining. A mate of mine wore this and I would like to find same style as hers. So hope to find somewhere here or I can try ordering [...]

Manalive Is Where My Fashion Is

Goodness! Last Saturday I went to Oslo City to find shoes. Unfortunately I did not find any that fits me. I cannot find my size. You know guys, I am here in Europe and mostly sizes are big. So it is a bit hard for me to really find. There are stores that I used [...]