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Flood…Flood…Go Away!

I’ve been busy calling my siblings this afternoon. I saw in the news the terrible flood in Manila. I cannot resists to not call my brothers and sisters who are living there. First I called my brother whom I know that the place where he lives is really prone to flood… I talked to him, [...]

Hairstyles For Round Faces!

I’ve been planning to really have a hair cut and wanted to have bangs. But I am not yet 100% decided. So then , I tried more information about hairstyles. So here we go, since I noticed that my face is round so here are some tips: As I read along , there are good [...]

Why Background Checks Are Important

There was news a couple of months back wherein a sex offender on parole was found to be working in the kitchen of a daycare center. This news alarmed and alerted people the world over, and I can only imagine how the parents of the children in that daycare center must have felt when they [...]